EcoMom Safe Sippy review + giveaway!

Recently EcoMom sent us the Kid Basix Safe Sippy to try. The first thing that attracted me to this cup was the stainless steel. The body is made of durable, food-grade stainless steel. The lid, spout piece,  handles, and insulator piece are all plastic, but BPA free of course!

Shandell’s Review

When we first started to use this cup, Malakai hadn’t quite mastered the angle to tip his cup to get milk or water out. He often needed a little help. The Safe Sippy actually made this process more difficult for him because of how heavy the stainless steel is.

He had however just learned to use a straw and I purchased a cheap plastic {also BPA free} spill-proof straw cup before we received the Safe Sippy. He loved using a straw and did a great job. Although, I think this also attributed to him not quite getting the tipping aspect of drinking from a regular cup. The funny thing is that I hadn’t read all the specs on the Safe Sippy before receiving it and assumed by the shape of the spout that it was a straw sippy too. Malakai was also confused and at first would try sucking it like a straw when drinking.

Now that Malakai has mastered lifting his cup to drink, he does just fine with this cup even though it’s heavier than others. I {still} love that it’s stainless steel, I like that the handles are removable and quite durable. It landed on the handle on our tile kitchen floor and I was sure it would snap off, but it just has a white mark where it hit and doesn’t feel any weaker.

My husband Ben, however, really doesn’t like the weight of this cup because if Malakai tosses it {as he often does with everything} you really have to watch your feet! We’ve also had a few leaking issues and the spout insert often falls out when the cup is dropped. Currently, Ben prefers our Playtex sippy cups for Malakai.

I have a love/hate relationship with the Safe Sippy’s insulated sleeve. It does a great job at keeping Kai’s milk or water cold longer than any other cup. It’s rubber, which helps it stay put on a table, highchair tray, or in a cup holder. However, it’s not easy to get on + off for cleaning and it makes sliding the cup into the cloth holder in our diaper bag next to impossible. I think the spout could be improved, but no cup is completely spill or leak proof. We’ve used many different kinds over the past 10 months or so and none of them are perfect.

Overall I do think that Malakai is doing better with this cup and we’d probably like it better had we waited to use it until he’d mastered cups in general. I wouldn’t recommend using it with younger babies that are learning. I think our main use for this cup will be for travel rather than day to day use. But if we were to use it daily I think it would continue to last us a long time as it’s quite durable.


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