Spring! {2017}


It is a sunny day here in Eugene, Oregon! We have had very few of those this spring with higher than average rainfall and not even 2 days in a row of sunshine for the past 2 months. Needless to say, the sun is very welcome, even though it’s still only 52 degrees out…Brr! However, being someone who suffers when it’s dry enough for the pollen to start blowing around, I haven’t minded the rain much. This is my first year struggling with tree pollen and I am NOT a fan. I have found some comfort in my usual methods of easing seasonal discomforts but I am finding that whichever tree pollen I am reacting too is much different from the issues I usual experience during grass pollen season (which is just aroung the corner, werh-werh). One of the hardest things is constant fatigue,  so anything I can do to gain energy is welcome. Lots of coffee, lots of water, full night’s sleep and some energizing essential oils are highest on my list.

Spring always gives me a feeling of “new beginnings”, more so than the first of a new calendar year. I do find that I’m able to sort of see how our year is playing out best in the spring when the air isn’t so cold and the sun is streaming through the window, when we have a lot of activities that force us to prioritize things more than the average months. Spring is really packed for school age kids in our region because we are so limited by the rain and cold much of the year. Malakai just had his 2nd grade school performance last night, Desmond had his first field trip with still 2 more before school is out in late June, there is a jog-a-thon fundraiser, and Malakai is playing spring soccer. There are more activites at church and more play dates, more community events, yardwork and a garden to tend to, plus…we’ve ventured into the world of pet ownership!


Spring makes me want to simplify. I want to have less on the calendar so I have room for down time, room for family time, and room for whatever may come up because while I am a planner I like to be able to be spontaneous once in a while.

Spring inspires me to have less stuff in my home so I can spend less time managing it. I want to spend more time being with my people, enjoying the paired-down curation of events without having to come home from a full day to a mess of a home. It’s easier to have less clutter, with less stuff!

Spring makes me want to awaken my blog in it’s new home here on wordpress. I am inspired to write more posts for myself and let it be a happy accident if it’s enjoyed by those of you who read here. I also want to feature more artists, shops, and small businesses that I enjoy and admire (I have 3 such posts coming very soon). I want to take more photos and share them here, not just Instagram.

Spring makes me want to prioritize and focus. I want to be intentional in all that I do, from sitting and reading a good book or listening to my favorite podcasts to parenting my children and spending quality time with my husband. Often I have too many tabs open, literally and figuratively. I’m learning that multitasking isn’t the best way to do everything.

Spring feels so new and fresh, like the rains have washed away the dullness of winter and the long awaited sun is revealing something shiney and exciting.