Things I’ve googled this week…

I have way more “important” things to do with a quiet house to myself…laundry, decluttering, sleeping… but this little idea popped into my head and sounded way more fun.

I have been searching the internet for an odd assortment of things lately (see also: most of the time) so I thought I would post them here in a sort of list of confessions. It’s always fun to get a little snapshot into the lives of others. I usually like reading posts like this and these types of shares always make me feel more normal!…

So here are a few things I’ve googled this week, with very quick little reasons as to why:

  1. “DIY flytape”. You guys, this is so gross! But we have flies buzzing all over the garage. There isn’t anything gross or overly interesting in there but this spring/summer has been so wet and warm that the bugs are taking over the Willamette Valley.  I’ve always hated the idea and the visual of flytape but when the kids go to get toys out of the garage they are just letting all the nasties in and I want them gone! So, I did find this DIY.… but the sticky stuff hardened and isn’t sticky at all so there goes an hour of my life. Back to googling that one, or just buying some.
  2. “bulk kids socks”. My kids go through socks like crazy, school always comes faster than I’d like to admit and this year I am totally buying all black ankle socks + throwing out the mismatched mess that is in the boys’ drawer right now. I didn’t find anything helpful on google, but someone from a facebook group I am in linked me here… I will likely buy 5 sets, at least.
  3. “ok to eat green kidney beans”. This is the point at which I feel so totally cool + interesting. Back story, Malakai came home from school with a sprouted bean that he wanted to plant, so we put it in my container garden. It did better than anything I planted this season! But I wasn’t sure what kind of bean it was until I texted with his teacher tonight, she confirmed my suspicions and now we get to figure out how to dry out kidney beans that my kids won’t eat… PS it’s NOT ok to eat them green according to most of what I found, even though they look like a regular green bean, you’re welcome. 
  4. “mosquito net” more bug issues. This one is for our rabbits who have ruined the netting we put on their hutch. We need to find something better but can’t decide between several options, one of which is to spend too much money on this thing and put their hutches inside.
  5.  “lip stain” I did not have success with my google search here. I received a really pretty red matte lip color in a birch box but got tired of reapplying (the reason I don’t wear lipstick normally). I tried a couple samples of longwear lip products from people I know who sell cosmetics, but nothing stayed on. Once again I asked a facebook group of gals, they recommended several stay-put options and I will be giving this one a go. I will likely report my results on Instagram.

Bonus: Links I saved on Facebook that I found worth reading… 

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Also, it’s worth saying that you can click the arrow at the top of most any post on Facebook and “save it” instead of having to “share” in order to find it later (the more you know…)

What are some weird things you’ve searched the internet for lately? What are some links you could share with the rest of us? Comment here or on the link to this post in Facebook to get the conversation going!