summer to fall

We traded in the unstructured days of summer for the routine of fall earlier this month. It always comes right on time. Right when the kids need a break from being together 24/7, when we are craving structure over adventure. When we have squeezed every last bit out of the warm evenings and sunny afternoons and are craving crisp autumn days and chilly nights.

{a quick “recess” outside before the smoke got really bad}
{Dutch Bros Coffee employee in his intense mask due to the smoke!}











However, the last couple weeks of August I was mourning the end of summer because we were stuck inside due to dangerous levels of smoke in the air for days on end. It was stifling in many ways and I was sad we didn’t get our last summer blast of swimming and grilling. We even had to change Aurelia’s pool party birthday to an indoor party on Labor Day due to how unhealthy the smoke levels were. Thankfully this week has been sunny and yesterday was even hot, a quick little break from the rain to grill one last time and ride bikes around the culdesac like we wished we could during the haze.



My sons are in the full swing of being in school at 1st and 3rd grade, they are loving it. Malakai especially loves the routine and emphasis on organization in 3rd grade, he’s super excited to work on cursive and is unfairly quizzing his little brother on “times” (multiplication). Desmond loves recess, PE, and music but is not so sure about all the reading and math stuff. He is our social butterfly, more concerned about relationships than school work, but he is good at balancing both.

Aurelia and I took a couple weeks to get into a daily rhythm but are now enjoying a bit of a weekly routine. Most of our days are spent at home reading, coloring and playing pretend. I’ve found myself more able to say no to my to-do list and yes to letting my (newly) 3 year old dictate our schedule. We are having so much fun. She doesn’t nap anymore so we do “quiet time” which she was resistant to for a while, but we got ourselves a “robot vacuum” and I am able to get her to agree to quiet time by reading in her room with the door shut while it’s cleaning so it doesn’t come in and get her toys 😉 Whatever works! Bonus, my house is so super clean and I get a little reading in.

{I take notes when I read, but doing this with the iphones edit feature is so much faster!}
{bus stop selfies}

What are you favorite things about fall? What are you already missing about summer? I find it fascinating how other countries and regions transition into seasons so differently. I love that here in Oregon we have 4 very different seasons, but I do envy some of the warmer climates about midwinter when I get a bit tired of the wet and cold, but for now I’m ready for it!