Winter Break

My kids are officially on winter break for the next 17 days. Typically at the beginning I am so excited for the quality time we will share wrapping gifts, getting crafy, relaxing and just being together. It’s not long before I realized that it isn’t always that dreamy. All 3 of them ineveitably get on each others’ nerves (and ours!) and need a break from one another. Not to mention having one introvert in a family of 5 makes things more complicated. We do our best to accomdate everyone’s needs for space/social interaction but that balance isn’t always easily achieved. I think we are getting better at it as we go.

We have a few holiday parties coming up and of course gatherings at Christmas. Otherwise we are doing our best to keep the next 2 weeks fairly open. It does us a lot of good during busyness of this season to slow down together, focusing on the gift of Jesus and the blessings He has bestowed upon us. Ben and I want to show our kids that being together as a family (and figuring out how to do so peacefully!) helps us focus on learning about God and how He’d like us to live our lives. My goal is for us all to be less stressed, tired and anxious. Hopefully we can accomplish rest, reflection and learning through more quiet time at home just the 5 of us.

Simplifying isn’t always easy. I am learning a lot about the challenges of my personality type (which very much feels the things others feel, or MIGHT feel…it gets so complicated) and how to covercome them through studying the Enneagram, which in turn is helping me to accomplish the simplicity we long for. Ben and I have been doing much of this work together along with the support of friends who are passionate about learning these things as well. It has surely been a year of growth and change for us and I can’t wait to see what else the Lord will accompish in and through us over the new year coming.